When you’re trying to stop the scroll on Instagram, everyone has an opinion...

You've heard:

"Post everyday and wait for the heart to turn red. That's when you know it's landing."

Coaches have told you:

"No one reads long captions, write short captions with an awesome photo?"

Another Instagram guru says:

"Forget posts, stories are where it's at!"

Next one chimes in:

"Stories? Nah. It's all about IG Lives." 

Leaving you to say to yourself:

I want Instagram to feel easy and be in flow.

What I say to you:

"I've got you. I can help. It's way easier and way more FUN than you think."


But what you really want to know is...how good am I at this?

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After applying what Monica taught me in just 10 minutes, I made $800.

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Ok y’all, I’ve got to say Monica is the real deal. She pushed me out of my comfort zone, and I completed a challenge she gave me to change my IG bio then do a video offering a free Zoom information session. I did it and...I got a phone call from a parent who went right past the $225 offer to one-one tutoring at a value of $800.

If in a 10 minute Facebook live she helped me and I made $800, imagine what you could achieve being coached by her. She’s got a great course right now, and I suggest you put it on your list of marketing must-dos. 

~Laura Fritz-Link

Hey, I’m Monica Monfre.

Instagram Strategist. Teacher.

Brooklyn based yogi who grew her following to 4,000 followers...

in just one month.

7K+ followers later, I’m proof you can make major money on Instagram sans the “swipe up” feature. Hallelujah!

How’d I crack the code to a profitable Instagram profile that effortlessly stops the scroll?

Dialing in on 4 main areas my ideal client was looking for: 





And realizing my Instagram is not about me and ALL about my ideal client and how they can start with SELF to find success.

I’ve successfully helped a:

▸Middle school teacher launch her tutoring business, raise her rates, and get her Instagram video picked up by Buzzfeed!

▸Published author get reposted by her favorite author, and begin to make sales of her book!

▸Life coach revamp her Instagram grid so that her audience sees her message, engages, and clicks her links; after working together she has been monetizing her Medium accounting and making sales daily!


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From High School Lit Teacher to Instagram Strategist

13 years ago, I started teaching high school. I was 28. I planned on leaving the classroom after 5 years, but I fell in love. Teaching gave me the opportunity to think outside the box, to create content regularly, and to constantly connect with new students.

I was never bored.

But I did find myself burnt out...

I turned inward and started practicing yoga. It was on the mat that I realized there was more to me than just teaching. I wanted to create something that was just for me. 

Teach Wellthy Coaching was built as a yoga business first, and became what you see today. 

Now I help entrepreneurs effortlessly grow their Instagram so they can make an impact in their business.

With the average Instagram user spending 28 minutes a day on the platform, 

your ideal client is waiting to find you...

Whether it’s strategy, engagement support, or community, I’ll help you show up and blow up with total badass conviction. 

With The Gram & Grow Collective, you get more than just another course. You get a teacher, a guide, a mentor AND you get community. 

That’s what you need to stop the scroll. 

Ready to make it happen?

The Gram and Grow Collective

A 6 week program to take your Instagram from ho-hum to booming. 

Perfect for those just starting out on Instagram

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Instagram VIP Day

A 5 hour VIP intensive day to create all the aspects of your Instagram. Time is money...let's go.

Perfect for those with an Instagram or starting out.

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Course Creation VIP Day

A 5 hour VIP intensive day to create your course, marketing plan, and sell it out today.

Perfect for those with ideas, outlines, or a course created.

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Before You Click That Work With Me Button, You Should Also

☞ Love dogs, McDonalds and hip hop (my beagle is named Big Mac, but goes by Biggie)

☞ Have more passions than you can list on one hand (maybe both!). I’m a high school teacher, yoga teacher, business coach, and a hell of a good Instagram expert!

☞ You love a good brunch — mimosa or no mimosa, bring on the avocado toast!

☞ Quote Carrie from Sex and the City like it’s the ABCs and dream you could play out the iconic pink tutu bus moment for yourself.

☞ Need your friend/partner/photographer to nail the photo...no matter what!

☞ Read James Baldwin every year and always have book recommendations for your friends.

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