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I got 99 problems, but my dosha ain't one

  • The Yoga Collective 135 West 29th Street Rm 603 New York NY 10001 (map)

Join Monica Monfre, (The Wellthy Teacher) and Daniele Gates, (Yinsa Wellness), for an introductory workshop on Ayurveda, Yoga, and self-care appropriate for the summer. You will leave with tangible materials, (no note-taking necessary) that will provide a better understanding of the types of food, exercise, and daily routines that would best serve you during pitta season, (the summer). Light refreshments and samples of individualized skin care products will be provided. Purchase tickets here.

  • Students will leave with a better understanding of their dosha by receiving a dosha-specific packet including signs of imbalance, suggested food, exercise, and general lifestyle suggestions. The packet with have detailed descriptions and color photos.

  • Students will taste tea and spices, and leave with a spice packet and tea samples appropriate for their dosha during pitta season, (summer).

  • Students will have the opportunity to practice a cooling Yin practice and receive tips for how to develop a home practice in just 10 minutes per day

  • Students will receive Yinsa skincare samples that are appropriate for their dosha during Pitta season

  • Students who purchase an early bird ticket will receive an extra sample of a Yinsa body scrub.