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1. How to use Eventbrite to get in front of your ideal clients and build a community

2. Why platforms like Meetup are even more important in 2023

3. The fastest way to grow your email list if hosting events isn't your jam

In fact, using tip #1 I enrolled 102 people into this event when it was first launched in just 3 days!

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Hi, I'm Monica!

I am the expert's expert.

I'm here to help you design programs and offers that deliver rapid client results and referrals on repeat.

I love working with entrepreneurs like you to unlock your magic as you design group coaching programs, courses, and workshops that create income and impact. 

Your audience is waiting for you to step up and share your expertise. 


As featured on:

I had been trying to scale for ever and I didn't know what to do. So I turned to Monica, who I'd worked before to  help me design a course. Though I started I didn't really have the bandwidth in the time to put the course together and wasn't sure what to do. Monica suggested that I start a membership group, which was something else that I was longing to do. She found a great platform for me, and I launched the membership. Lo and behold, I attracted 30 members right away. What I love about working with Monica is that she is so incredibly knowledgeable, but at the same time she is super intuitive. She knows her stuff and she has a wonderful way of helping you figure out how to monetize your expertise and scale in a way that is super easy. So I recommend you give her a call, particularly if you want to have a greater impact on the world and on your bank account.

-Dr. Ellen Albertson | Midlife Coach for Women 

I'm ready to build my audience and my revenue!