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From Teacher to IG Strategist to Course Creator

Ready to create and launch your first online course?

Hoping to get more visible on social media?

Looking to grow your Facebook community?

Working with Monica allows you to do all 3 and to do them with the benefit of an award-wining educator by your side.

Learn more about what it is like to work with Monica (and how you can stop her in her tracks!).

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From a monthly mastermind membership to an over 1.2K Facebook group, Monica offers opportunities for the new and seasoned course creator.

Her live programs are hybrids of both group coaching and 1:1 coaching.

In her 1:1 and VIP days you can get her eyes on your course creation, social media, and Facebook group strategy.

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What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership. Working with a coach, a client is able to  discover, clarify, and align their desires in life and in teaching. Coaching may be a one time meeting or may happen more often depending on the goals and desires of the client.

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I was about to give up on my business; after one call with Monica my business got traction and I believed in myself -Meredith Newlin, The Transformed Teacher

Monica has such a warm, encouraging, kind energy. She’s an inspiration and has helped internalize the value of who I am as an educator and edupreneur. Just when I was about to give up on my business, it finally got traction after listing to Monica’s specific, wise guidance. Other experts had given similar advice, but because she is a teacher and an edupreneur in the trenches alongside me, I was able to truly believe it, apply it, and see real growth! Monica rocks!

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This 3 day training will take your IG from Bueller to Booming!


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