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Design your impact, create your legacy.

Build a business that taps into your intuition and your innovative ideas while generating more revenue with ease. 

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You are an expert in your niche, an experienced thought leader and ready to be surrounded by others with similar experiences.

And yet, every time you join a membership or a networking group or co-working space you find the same old same old.

The answer is not to keep joining programs, collecting more ideas while still feeling like your wheels are spinning.

Teaching and learning for business owners is ready for a change.

The SHFT is here. 

" I had been trying to scale for ever and I didn't know what to do. So I turned to Monica to help me design a course. Though I started, I didn't really have the bandwidth for the course together and wasn't sure what to do. Monica suggested that I start a membership group. She found a great platform for me, and I launched the membership. Lo and behold, I attracted 30 members right away. What I love about working with Monica is that she is so incredibly knowledgeable, but at the same time she is very intuitive. She knows her stuff and she has a wonderful way of helping you figure out how to monetize your expertise and scale in a way that is super easy. If you want to have a greater impact on the world and on your bank account, book a call with her today."

-Dr. Ellen Albertson
Midlife Coach for Women

Hi, I'm Monica!

I’m a business coach, 15 year veteran teacher, community builder, yoga practitioner and dance lover. 

And I help impact makers and legacy creators like yourself, lean into intuition, innovate in business and integrate who you are with what you do.  

I run my business like I taught my highly recommend yoga classes: 

1/3 Mindfulness + 1/3 Strategy + 1/3 Sass

So grab your sparkling beverage and come join me BE the innovation!

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Tap into your unique human design and blueprint. Revise your offers and feel more aligned in your being. Create impact for you and your clients. Ideal for business owners with consistent $5K months.

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What's On Tap: Get access to a variety of self study workshops and trainings on offer creation, visibility, marketing and more. Investment varies.

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From teacher to six figure business owner, Monica has impacted thousands of female entrepreneurs. Topics include navigating breast and ovarian cancer, teaching, and online business.

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