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From Teacher to Digital Nomad: leave the gradebook behind and embrace the nomadic life

I see you, fellow teachers-turned-digital-nomads! 

You're itching to ditch the classroom and embrace the life of a globetrotting freelancer? 

I totally get it! In fact, so many of my teacherpreneur clients bring “going nomadic” as one of their top goals when we start our work together.

But hold your horses before you pack your bags and leave your gradebook behind. 

Becoming a digital nomad is no joke, and if you want to thrive on this wild adventure, you have to be prepared. 


Lucky for you, I've got six kickass keys that will unlock your success as a digital nomad. Let's dive in!

Gear up, baby!

When you're on the move, you gotta have the right tools to keep you going. That means investing in some top-notch travel gear and technology. Get yourself a kickass laptop that can handle your workload, grab a mobile hotspot to ensure internet access wherever you roam, and don't forget to pack some comfortable clothes (and shoes) that make you look like...

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How to Find a Summit or Bundle to Grow Your Email List

Have you been wondering how to grow an email list organically without ads?

Tired of wondering what is worth spending time (and money) on when it comes to emails?

I hear you. In fact, I was you.

Struggling to grow my list and wondering why it is so easy for others.

However, recently I was able to grow my list by 1000 people and I cannot wait to share how with you.

Join a summit or bundle to grow your email list organically. 

Being a part of a summit or bundle is one of the top ways I’ve grown my list quickly. How? Being in a summit or a bundle gets you in front of other people's audiences to quickly grow your email list. 

These events are often invite-only or found through word-of-mouth especially email and in Facebook groups (come on over to the Make Caviar FB group and get connected to other business coaches and consultants).


 So how do you get placed in summits and bundles?

Here are the 3 steps that work for my Make Caviar Lab Clients:


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Create a Thriving Yoga Business with These Three Steps

Congratulations! You completed your 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Now what?

When I finished my 200RYT in Brooklyn it was 2017 and I was ready to teach.

Problem was…I didn’t have a studio lined up to teach for OR clients to teach.

I got creative and used Eventbrite to offer free community classes at my local community garden.


While it didn’t bring in revenue right away, it did grow my email list and give me practice leading my flows.

If you are ready to start your yoga business I absolutely recommend starting off with some free classes.


I also recommend the following 3 steps to add reliable revenue as soon as you can. 

Here are three ways start making money as a yoga teacher (without a yoga studio or a long client list):

1. Offer private lessons:

You can offer one-on-one yoga sessions to clients who are interested in more personalized instruction. There are some online programs that can help but you could also look at online community groups...

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How to Get More Clients As a Teacherpreneur

Have you ever wondered how to find more clients?


Or maybe you are happy with your leads right now but also ready to think about new ways to grow your audience and your leads?


Oftentimes, when I’m speaking with clients they are looking to work with people like themselves. So my teacherpreneur clients are looking for other teachers, my business coaches are looking for other coaches, etc.


This can be one of the key reasons why they don’t sign clients as quickly as they should.


Here’s why: When I started my online coaching business I wanted to work with other full time teachers.


I thought for sure it would be an easy yes for teachers because after all, I was just like them. So I showed up where teachers showed up…and instead of hearing an easy yes, I found resistance.


My potential clients had the same hang ups that I was working through in my own coaching. They were nervous around investing in themselves and were...

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Four Ways to Monetize Social Media (even with a small following)

Monetization on social media is a hot topic...but what happens when you don't have the tools yet?

Until September of 2021 I didn't have any of the monetization tools on Instagram.

The frustration ran high until the magical day I hit 10K. Link stick came, but it just wasn't the same as the swipe up.

And I was still waiting for Instagram reels monetization, Instagram live monetization, and more.

I now have those tools but this morning I woke up thinking:  How could I have monetized on my own BEFORE Instagram let me? 

I came up with ways to work around the systems of social media that keep small accounts ready?

Set up a Buy Me a Coffee link. 

What it is: a link that allows people to fund you in increments of $5 or more.

I love Buy Me a Coffee because you can use it for one off events or for memberships.

You can also deliver digital products.

Buy Me a Coffee is a key way to work around the blocks with some social media monetization.

 Create a...

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Find Your First Coaching Client Today

business Oct 04, 2021

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Ready to land your first coaching clients but not quite sure what to post or where to find them?

I get it. I remember when I signed up for both of my coaching programs. The enrollment specialist said “Don’t worry. We will teach you how to find a client or 3 right away and you can pay off your enrollment while in the program.”

So I said yes to the the program. I thought getting clients would be easy peasy.

While that wasn’t total lies, the program wasn’t a sales program, it was a coaching program. I left still not sure how to FIND and SELL to clients.

But this doesn’t have to be you. Here are 3 ways to find your next client. Ready?

Go live on your social channels.

I don’t care if it is IG, FB, Linked In, Clubhouse...GO LIVE!
Talk about what you know/believe/transform and then have a clear call to action at the end. Watch my IGTV on...
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Write an Instagram Bio That Makes You Money

Be sure to come follow me on Instagram @monicamonfre for more business coaching tips.

Five seconds.

That is the amount of time it takes a prospective follower and possible future client to read your instagram bio, and sometimes it can be as little as three seconds. That’s how long you have to get their attention, and tell them why they should follow you.

In addition, you only have 150 characters to convey *this information* to the reader.  That means you need to be crystal clear in your bio description.

Your Instagram bio isn’t about you

Contrary to popular belief, your instagram bio isn’t about you. Unlike other types of bios where you are showing your expertise and credentials, and building a measure of authority, your instagram bio is not for that.

It isn’t the place to write about your certifications, your degrees or even your success as a coach. Instead, your bio is for your followers and what they can expect from your account....

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Affiliate Marketing 101: Make Money by Sharing What You Love

"You have money waiting for you."

OH YEAH!!!!!

When I get this message from PayPal I do a little dance and sing a little song. Why?

Because I get paid well for posting about products I love as an affiliate.

That's why I'm sharing how I started with affiliate marketing, and how you can become an affiliate marketer as well.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you as an affiliate earn a commission or a percentage of sales of a product. As an affiliate, you become an integral part of the marketing plan for a company.

How much does affiliate marketing pay?

This varies. Sometimes people make percentages (I offer 50% of any course sale to my affiliates; you can sign up here), sometimes it is a flat fee, and sometimes it is a free product or membership.

So how do you become an affiliate for a company or brand?

1. Ask. I have found that when I love a product I want to share it. So I have asked before if a program had an affiliate or referral program. One of my...

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The 5 Best Breakfast Shakes for Busy Mornings

This is a guest post by Samantha Noble.

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Mornings can be tough! Whether you’re an early riser or hit that snooze button till the last minute, sometimes you just don’t have time to grab a healthy breakfast… AM I RIGHT?
These days, I’ve been grabbing a shake before I head out the door to commute to work. Being able to throw a few ingredients in a blender (like this one!) and have a filling and nutritious breakfast in my hands (and then my belly) in less than 2 minutes has been a total game changer!
I’ve tried a lot of recipes over the years and I’ve narrowed down my top 5!

Some links may be affiliate links. We may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these.

1) TRIP TO THE TROPICS (The only thing missing is the sand!)


1/2 cup pineapple, cubed

1/2 cup strawberries, quartered

1/2 banana, sliced

1/2 cup low-fat vanilla greek...

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Be sure to come follow me on Instagram @monicamonfre for more business coaching tips.

I dreaded networking events for the LONGEST time.

Answering the question "who are you" with a timid voice.

"I am a teacher," as I looked away. Here I was in a co-working space filled with women changing the landscape and I was in my 12th year of teaching high school in Brooklyn, NY.

I was embarrassed (or maybe just had imposter syndrome).

The CEO would have none of it. "You are A TEACHER. My parents are teachers. Teachers hold the most important job. You belong here."

And in that moment I realized...she was right. I am a teacher, but I am so more than that.

I teach yoga all over NYC and teach at corporate locations including Athleta, Adidas, and Artists & Fleas.

I am double certified health and life coach. 

I belonged there. I was a teacherpreneur.

Ready to learn more about how you can design your business and sell it out?

Join for free coaching Tuesdays below.


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